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BN Business Consultancy (Pte.) Ltd. (BNBC) is set up as a business consultancy firm. We provide our opinions on matters such as business development, brand creation, marketing activities and strategic growth for our clients, of whom many are in the wealth management industry. 

From time to time from the provision of such services to our clients, we receive enquiries on individual estate and mortgage matters. We realized the importance of such subject matters and we aim to provide a one stop solution for these services by working with preferred partners and corporations. 

One of our primary objectives is to increase the financial and business literacy and provide an unparalleled platform for business owners. By introducing our business succession planning services and working as corporate referrers to banking corporations on corporate finance facilities, we are able to provide value added services to many SME clients. 

We recognize that to provide a one stop solution to the discerning individuals as well as our business community, cross interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise will be required. At BN, we work with our preferred partners to offer some of the services required by our clients from time to time



James Wong qualified as a Barrister (England) in 1996 and is admitted as an Advocate/Solicitor (Singapore) since 1999. He started his legal training in litigation and established his corporate career, initially in capital markets, and then practised financial restructuring in London as well as cross-border insolvency debt workouts with American whiteshoe firms.

James served as member of SCCA's International Liaison subcommittee (2005-2011) and as its honorary auditor (2011-2012) appointed by the General Committee during his time as general counsel of Crescent group, a private equity investment funds manager. James is the honorary legal adviser to Singapore Corporate Counsel Association since 2017. JW has been recognised as Private Equity legal team-leader (2012), Corporate M&A JV Specialist (2013), Investment Funds Lawyer (2014), Outstanding Corporate Lawyer (2015), Singapore Business Lawyer (2017), Singapore Investment Specialist Lawyer (2018) and Singapore Corporate Finance Lawyer (2019) by legal reporters & offshore research publishers for the years he has returned to Singapore practice as a partner and in senior/director role of law firms.



We operate from our client offices by appointment only

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