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There's an increasing trend of individuals who are keen in topics such as early retirement, passive income building, financial and investment literacy, income generation through different engines (investments/businesses/employment/passive income) and estate planning. Some call it FIRE. 

The whole idea is to gain insights to how some people have done it, and how subject matter experts in different fields create passages that lead to early retirement and financial independence. In this insights program, we will be inviting individuals from different fields to share concepts of these topics. Such topics may include  passive income ideas, business and entrepreneurship knowledge (including contracts formation, business entities, business negotiations), investment portfolio construction and analysis, roboadvisers, mortgage, estate distribution preparation, investment products and strategies and etc

By inviting speakers from different fields including fund managers and corporate lawyers, we hope to give participants an insight to how wealth creation/distribution strategies are perceived and executed by different groups of people, and how participants can tap on the knowledge on these people to create something suitable for himself/herself.

The topics to this insights program may be heavy and lengthy. Only individuals who are keen in the areas of wealth creation/early retirement should apply. During this insights program, suitable individuals identified may be offered internship/career opportunities.  Individuals who are current undergrads who have a couple of days free from school per week can be considered. Matured individuals who are working and keen in these topics will be considered favorably too.

Apply through our listing on sgintern (Search BN Insights Program)/ glints

or through email: 

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