The common myths about writing a Will:

1. I do not need a Will if I do not have much assets to distribute

2. Only sick and old people need to write a will

3. Writing a will is not important

4. I already have an estate plan. I do not need a will

5. I already have a will. I do not need anything else 

6.  Writing a will is expensive and is only meant for the rich

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In reality, writing a will is extremely important

1. The cost of writing a will is extremely low compared to the cost of not writing one

In the event that a person passes on without a will, there will be more complicated  and costly procedures for his loved ones to gain access to his assets such his the monies in his bank account. Furthermore, the assets may not be distributed in accordance to his wishes. 

2. Anyone can write a will, it does not take a lawyer or a legally trained professional to write one and to advise you properly 

Yes, anyone can write a Will. However, besides the validity and contestability of the will, many prefer a legally trained professional to document and provide opinions, instead of just taking instructions to prepare a will

"The preparation of a will involves serious professional responsibilities, which solicitors must uncompromisingly observe and discharge. Regrettably, it seems to us that, all too often nowadays, solicitors appear to consider the preparation of a will to be no more than a routine exercise in form filling. This is wrong.Before preparing a will, the solicitor concerned ought to have a thorough discussion  with the testator on all the possible legal  issues and potential complications that might arise in the implementation of the terms of the will. The solicitor ought to painstakingly and accurately  document his discussions with and his instructions from the testator. He should also confirm with the testator, prior to the execution of the will, that the contents of the will as drafted accurately express the latter’s intention.A translation, if required, must be thoroughly and competently done. Half measures or the cutting of corners in the discharge of these serious professional responsibilities will not do. (Emphasis added). "

From: Law gazette, the official publication from Law Society of Singapore

3. What will happen if I do not have a will

Your assets will be distributed in accordance to the Interstate Succession Act, which may not in line with your wishes.


You spent your life building up your wealth. Do not leave a mess behind when you pass on

1. Our people who prepare your wills are professionally trained (estate and succession practitioners). We also worked with our preferred partners who are law entities licensed and practicing in Singapore and who are able to give professional legal advice when needed

2. We do not just give you a template. We listen to what your needs carefully before coming up with our opinions in helping you prepare a will

3. We provide you high quality wills at affordable prices because we believe that every individual, rich or not, needs to do proper estate planning

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