A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows an individual, who is aged 21 years of age and above, to plan for the management of his affairs should he become mentally incapacitated. Note that the LPA only has effect when the person making the LPA (Donar) becomes mentally incapacitated. In the LPA, the donar appoints people to make decisions and act for him (known as the 'donees') if he loses his metal capacity.

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A LPA protects a donar. The LPA is not only for the elderly nor the sick. Life is unpredictable. Young, and otherwise healthy individuals can get incapacitated through accidents or sudden illnesses. Sudden stroke for instance, may cause an individual to lose mental capacities. During cases whereby an individual is reduced to vegetative stage or fell into a comatose, a LPA allows the donee to act on his behalf

A LPA can help your loved ones prevent costly and streneous court procedures. Imagine your loved ones having to cope with the situation you are in, and having to undergo through time consuming and expensive court procedures, when the resources could have been better allocated on taking care of you